Corporate Workplace Photography

Capturing your company’s best assets, your people, in the context of the work that they do.

Not stiff, not formal, but with context, colour and character. People just doing what they do.


People-at-work photography will create some of the best images you could want when promoting your business, reaching out to more clients and, ultimately, selling more of your product or service. When you publish photographs of people whom most of your audience don’t know personally, having them ‘in situ’, in the context of your business, gives so much more colour and flavour.

People feel that they learn more about you as a company, seeing you and your colleagues in your work surroundings – whether they have a hard hat or a telephone headset, are working on precision engineering or with a pipette, just having that context allows your audience to relate so much more to what you do as a business – it’s not just the processes or the products that make you great at what you do, it’s your people. We all know that “people buy from people”, so put them in your pictures.