Engineering and Industrial Photography

Industrial photographer for creative technical images. Specialising in the engineering, manufacturing and industrial sectors.


One of my specialities is photographing tech and industrial machinery, which I’ve honed through years of practice. This includes plants, factories, buildings, architectural design, and the people and processes within. I provide high quality images of industrial photography, operations and facilities. My photography skill and experience in this area will let me bring your processes to life and convey the fascinating side of “making”.

Engineering is all about solving problems, where the right design makes a difficult process much simpler. Whether the final photos are for your website, marketing materials, digital communications or in-house company literature. Sometimes I will focus on the small details in the big picture. Use interesting angles, get in close on the features of the machinery or the repetitive patterns often seen in a factory setting. These aspects of your business’s daily productivity and everyday life can all become beautiful, eye-catching images. Getting that insider view of “how things work”.

Consider also incorporating photographs of the end products or the pieces of the puzzle along the way. See my Engineering Products and Components gallery.