Tech and Engineering Products and Components Photography

Commercial photographer specialising in technical, engineering, electronics, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

High quality product photography from the world of science, technology, and “making things work”.


It is always vital to understand the product photography brief and the intended use of the images you request. Photography of technical products is often carried out with a technical buyer in mind – and they are likely to look at an object very differently to an ordinary person. They will want to see details from the specifications, key features, the product’s USP, the aspects of it that their buyers want, to help them to sell more of the product, so for a quality image, those are the details I will seek to bring out when photographing your products for commercial purposes.

Sometimes though, ordinary, practical components and products need to be portrayed in an exciting and invigorating way, to make the image leap out on marketing materials, grab someone’s attention, stop them in their tracks. Even ‘boring’ nuts and bolts can look bold and new and special when captured the right way. A circuit board can be a thing of extraordinary beauty. Different surfaces, textures, shapes, sizes – as well as the right angles, digital playfulness and the product’s end purpose – may all be utilised to come up with the perfect picture.

Products can be delivered or sent to me in Reading to be captured in the professional studio, or I can come to your location and take photographs in situ – if the latter, why not take advantage of my decades of experience in the photography industry and while on-site have some photographs of your processes and facilities as part of the shoot? See my Industrial Photography gallery.