Corporate Portrait & Headshot Photography

Capturing the personalities of the people in your company for corporate headshots and other portraiture.

Whether you’re looking for professional LinkedIn headshots, formal or informal, white background or context, my years of experience will make the shoot not just easy and time-efficient but even enjoyable!


Creative portrait photography forms a major part of my portfolio, whether corporate headshots with a crisp white background for LinkedIn (or in an executive environment) or a portrait of the person in the context of their work. I am personable and easy to get on with and I know how to help my subject relax and feel at ease, allowing me to bring out their character in the shot.

Many top companies use the personality of their people across the organisation, from the front office staff to the most senior directors in the boardroom. People are at the heart of the business, so presenting staff in their best light helps to define your business’s personality and character. This is where professional corporate portraits are essential.

Professional does not always have to mean formal, certainly not these days! Let me discuss your brief with you to get the most out of your people portraits. Also perhaps take a look at my People Photography gallery.